About conference center of Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd.

The main tasks of the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. are making developments in communal, cultural and environmental areas, developing relationships between governmental and civil organizations as well as preserving domestic natural values and protecting the environment. The activities focus on environment and nature protection thereby help public pedagogy and the co-operation of various stakeholders.

The Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. provides technical assistance to activities, preparation of reports, opinions related to EU directives and international conventions. In addition, it continues its oldest area of responsibility, organizing agricultural training. Furthermore, Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. is responsible for the management of priority programs and international projects, as part of this, it co-ordinates the Farm Development Program and the National Values and Hungaricums competition, announced by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture.


HOI Conference center (HUN)
Herman Ottó Institute (HUN)

Nagytétényi út 190.
1223 Budapest, Hungary

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